Get injured athletes back on the field faster

Using Elite Rehab techniques will revolutionise how you train if you are an:
1. Athletic trainer and physio working with teams
2. CrossFit coach
3. Strength and Conditioning coach
4. High end PT with a Rehab Focus

This exciting course is soon to be launched! Watch this space.

What you will get
  • Multi-Day Hands-On Face-to-Face Course, plus follow-up consulting with a Rehab Trainer Educator
  • Get a solid working knowledge of PNF techniques
  • Discover hidden causative factors in overuse injuries
  • Use muscle stimulators - from surgery to fit to play, plus learn neuro-dynamics and safe 'nerve stretching'

We are adding to this course day by day, so expect the following and more!

  1. How do you know when the client is ready to go back and train/play?  Functional testing of the athlete and 'exit criteria'.
  2. What is PNF and how is it used in the athletic rehab world.
  3. Understanding the causative factors in overuse injuries - an interactive group approach using the BEETROOT principle.
  4. Understanding neuro-dynamics and what is safe 'nerve stretching'.
  5. How to use muscle stimulators - from surgery to fit to play.
  6. Understanding the pelvis and it mechanical role in high end athletes. 
  7. The importance of hip rotation and how to improve it.