Rehab Trainer Founder and Educator
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Rehab Trainer was founded by highly experienced Australian Sports Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen, who brings with him 25 years of injury management at elite and social sports levels.

After years of working with coaches and Personal Trainers, Ulrik realised that one of the main frustrations for Fitness Professionals was dealing with chronic pain and niggling injuries in their clients. Whether it is the re-emergence of an old football injury or the sudden onset of pain while doing a particular exercise, if not dealt with effectively, clients ended up dropping out, creating a hole in the Trainer’s diary and disillusionment for the client.

Ulrik realised the need for some education to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness industry, and so Rehab Trainer was born.

Chris Mallac

Rehab Trainer Educator Middle East, United Kingdom and Asia

Chris is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Human Movement Educator, writes extensively for the monthly web based Sports Injury Bulletin, and writes the weekly 'Sports Injury Doctor' ezine. He has worked with elite level State and National level rugby and football teams in Australia, more recently in the UK as Head of Performance for London Irish Rugby Union and he now currently consults to a professional French Rugby Union team.

Adam Floyd

Rehab Trainer Educator, Western Australia
APA Physiotherapist

Adam has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years, including working as a PT and a club manager. He graduated top of his physiotherapy class in 1997 and has been in private practice ever since.

Amit Roy

Rehab Trainer Educator

Training Head - Sports Education Development Australia (SEDA), India - a role which incorporates teaching and coaching of national NSDC accredited Fitness Certifications and workshops, business development and empowering students with employment.

Arief Chaniago

Rehab Trainer Educator Indonesia
Fitness Training Educator, Primafit Academy Training & Development

Arief has been through injury hell and came out determined to share what he learnt about injury prevention and recovery with many people for their health and happiness. His fitness industry journey has taken him from former Indonesian Athlete for Karate and on to being a fitness trainer since 2009 and managing for high level fitness chains in Indonesia.

Asep Azis

Rehab Trainer Educator
Sports Physiotherapist

Asep is a sport physiotherapist working profesionally in sport and fitness industry for more than 7 years in indonesia, mostly with national athletes.

Boris Bojanovic

Rehab Trainer Educator, Sydney
Exercise Physiologist

Boris' passion for strength training has lead to a multifaceted career as a competitor, coach & presenter. Possessing a degree in Exercise Physiology, his major area of interest is functional anatomy and how to optimise movement for performance as well as injury prevention.

Brad McGregor

Rehab Trainer Educator
Exercise Physiologist, MSptSc.

Brad has worked in the sport and fitness industries for the past 15 years. He is an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and has a Master of Sport Science (Professional) degree. Brad is a Level 2 strength and conditioning coach and has worked as a strength and conditioning coach/consultant specialising in optimising performance for cricket, rugby league, rugby union and AFL. He operates his own business providing professional development opportunities for the fitness industry and e-learning consultancy.

Carina Lun

Rehab Trainer Educator
CrankIT Fitness Master Presenter, BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy, MSc. Acupuncture

Carina is a physiotherapist passionate about sports and physical training. She started her career as a personal trainer in 2003, with extensive training experience in multiple disciplines, including rock climbing, calisthenics, triathlon, and martial arts. Such background has solidified her knowledge in biomechanics, human movement and injury patterns.

Besides clinical work, she is also involved in rehabilitating athletes from amateur to national levels. Carina wishes to bridge the gap between the medical world and fitness world through education.

Ebony Hornibrook

Rehab Trainer Educator
APA Physiotherapist

Ebony is a highly motivated Australian physiotherapist, personal trainer and pilates instructor. She has had extensive experience both participating in, and treatment in multiple sporting disciplines including martial arts, running, olympic lifting, crossfit, snow and water sports and dancing. Ebony has always worked closely with personal trainers to optimise client outcomes.

Filipe Pereira

Rehab Trainer Educator
Functional Training Educator

Filipe has extensive high-level experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer since 2002, delivering functional training educational courses across South East Asia for the past three years, as well as managing multi-site fitness facilities in Singapore and Indonesia.

Gary Kao

Rehab Trainer Educator, Taiwan
Founder of Train For Life Taiwan

Gary delivers the best training knowledge to meet the needs of Taiwan's personal trainers. He is the founder of Train For Life Taiwan Training Center, and is also an Under Armour Taiwan Master Trainer, a TRX Suspension Training & Functional Training Master Trainer, a Parabell Movement Training system education Manager and Former Taiwan Super Basketball League S&C Coach.

Gary Wagner

Rehab Fx Specialised Educator, Master Presenter CrankIT Fitness
Head Trainer at Sage Institute of Fitness

Gary Wagner is a highly dynamic multi-award winning fitness professional, business owner and coach. Highly experienced in educating and developing novice and seasoned amateur athletes, PT’s and Coaches.

Gaurav Negi

ACE - CPT & Fitness Educator Managing Director - Human In Motion Fitness Group, India
Rehab Trainer Educator

Gaurav is a director of Human In Motion Fitness Group in New Delhi, India, which incorporates teaching and coaching of national and international NCCA accredited Fitness Certifications and workshops and Indian Military Fitness Bootcamp.

Gaurav is passionate about educating the clients and fitness professionals of the industry on fitness philosophy, functional training, corrective exercises, injury management and rehabilitation and has been delivering the same locally in India.

James McEwan

Rehab Trainer Educator, South Australia
APA Physiotherapist

James McEwan is a physiotherapist passionate about fixing the human body through manual therapy, exercise and education. He has continued to invest in his own sports medicine education through significant post , as well as working in private practice and founding Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy. He has significant experience working with orthopaedics and manual therapy, and has a special love of anything to do with the ocean, having worked for several years, treating and training elite surfers. Delivering Rehab Trainer Essentials is the perfect outworking of James' commitment to rehabilitation and education.

Jesus Zulueta

Rehab Trainer Educator

A registered Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in the state of New York with more than 10 years experience in dealing with pain and musculoskeletal injury. He uses his knowledge in human body mechanics, movement and functional patterns in the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalances -- a Kinesiologist by profession in his country, Philippines.

Kamal Sinha

Rehab Trainer Educator, India, ACE CPT, CPR-AHA, TRX, Kettlebell, Lesmills Body pump, RPM, Body Combat & Born to Move International Certified Trainer

Kamal has an endless passion for the fitness industry and believes investing in and looking after your body is key to living a long, healthy and happy life. He has been involved in the fitness industry for 12 years and his greatest passions are promoting exercise that gets the body moving exactly how it should through 'Functional fitness' and weight loss through a proper diet.

Mark Davis

B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy) B.Ed (Physical Education) Dip. Business
Rehab Trainer Educator, NSW

Mark is a physiotherapist and a true leader in Australia in the areas of gym-based rehabilitation, prehab, optimizing function and performance based exercise prescription. He is a regular presenter at national fitness industry conventions such as Filex, and has been seminal in the development of new material and teaching of the fitness industry in the area of exercise and rehabilitation for 25 years. 

Mat Sahar Sulaiman

Rehab Trainer Educator
Clinical Instructor for UITM Physiotherapy

As an active member of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association for 13 years, Mat Sahar Sulaiman has been a leading Sports Physiotherapist in Malaysia, owning his own clinic GT PHYSIO AND REHABILITATION CENTRE for the last 6 years.

Nelson Chong

Rehab Trainer Educator, Singapore
Functional Training and Rehab Specialist

Nelson Chong is a rehabilitation and functional training specialist with 15 years of experience training, managing and educating in the health and fitness industry. He has been a highly sought after trainer by CEOs, doctors, families, athletes and professionals from 7 to 90 years old with chronic or acute pain, performance issues, movement dysfunction and postural disorder.

Stefan Olafsson

Rehab Trainer Educator, Akureyri, Iceland
BS Physical Therapist, MTc, Msc in Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Stefan is an experienced Icelandic Physical Therapist and practice manager who has been working with athletes and musculoskeletal patients for over 20 years.

Troy Burgess

Rehab Trainer Educator
Clinical Exercise Physiologist - B.ExPhy (Clin) ESSAM AEP

Troy started his own exercise physiology company in 2011 - Achieve Exercise Physiologists Pty Ltd. Troy is the now managing director of 20 clinical exercise physiologists and Achieve has expanded from Townsville to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.

Vaibhav Daga

Rehab Trainer Educator, India
Consultant Sports & Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist

Vaibhav is a Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist from India. He has been working in the Sports & Fitness industry for more than 11 years in Pune & Mumbai, largely with professional national & international level athletes. His particular interest in cricket has taken him from roles as Team Physiotherapist to state cricket teams, to currently working with National Development Squads for the Cricket Federation of India. In addition, Vaibhav lectures and delivers workshops around India to the Fitness and Sports Physiotherapy professions on sports injury prevention and management.

Wayne Rodgers

Rehab Trainer Educator, Victoria
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Wayne is a sports physiotherapist and personal trainer with 21 years experience in the health and fitness industries. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams, and runs successful sports physiotherapy and health coaching businesses in both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. Wayne has a special interest in the value of highly functional and effective training techniques and promotes the development of high performance through personal empowerment. He is a regular presenter at corporate, sports physiotherapy and personal training seminars.

Zayar Tun Phyu

Rehab Trainer Educator
Founder and Owner of City International Fitness Academy and City Gym, External Educator of BSc. Sports (Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar)

Zayar has many years of experience training and managing physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists and fitness professionals in Myanmar. During his time in the industry he has taken part in international training courses and is passionate about bringing these courses to Myanmar to help fitness professionals grow in knowledge and skill.

Educator to be confirmed