Rehab Trainer Educator Middle East, United Kingdom and Asia

Chris Mallac

Chris is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Human Movement Educator, writes extensively for the monthly web based Sports Injury Bulletin, and writes the weekly 'Sports Injury Doctor' ezine. He has worked with elite level State and National level rugby and football teams in Australia, more recently in the UK as Head of Performance for London Irish Rugby Union and he now currently consults to a professional French Rugby Union team.

In the past few years Chris has heavily focused on using his experience to help coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists prevent and manage injuries in their clients through the Rehab Trainer courses and his writing as the "Sports Injury Doctor" of Sports Injury Bulletin. Chris is the primary Rehab Trainer educator in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He is now the High Performance Manager for the Brisbane Roar Soccer Team who play in the Australian A League.

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