Rehab Trainer Founder and Educator
APA Sports Physiotherapist


Rehab Trainer was founded by highly experienced Australian Sports Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen, who brings with him 25 years of injury management at elite and social sports levels.

After years of working with coaches and Personal Trainers, Ulrik realised that one of the main frustrations for Fitness Professionals was dealing with chronic pain and niggling injuries in their clients. Whether it is the re-emergence of an old football injury or the sudden onset of pain while doing a particular exercise, if not dealt with effectively, clients ended up dropping out, creating a hole in the Trainer’s diary and disillusionment for the client.

Ulrik realised the need for some education to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness industry, and so Rehab Trainer was born.

The Rehab Trainer group of elite physiotherapists has been founded to represent and deliver the Rehab Trainer courses to seperate regions. Each physiotherapist was carefully chosen for their high levels of clinical experience, post-graduate education and proven track record in educating Exercise Professionals.

Individually and as a team the Rehab Trainer Group is able to offer unparalleled quality of information about biomechanics, corrective exercise and injury-managment to the Fitness Industry. In addition, they are uniquely able to help you with your injuries, and help you effectively manage your client’s injuries.

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