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If you have a niggling pain or a chronic injury, and are looking for an Exercise Professional to be part of your Rehabilitation Team, you’ve come to the right place. Master Rehab Trainers have undertaken advanced training to consolidate and deepen their injury rehabilitation skillset. They can offer their clients higher levels of support in your journey through injury to fitness. Search below for one in your area, or browse the list.

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Albrecht Tambunting Sygui

Qatar | Manila, Philippines / Doha, Qatar
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Personal Trainer, Wellness Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Boxing Fitness Instructor
Manila, Philippines / Doha, Qatar

I have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years and I have been handling different types of clients with different cases, injuries and different Fitness Levels, I have been handling clients from different nationalities and different cultures. As a Specialist in my field in Fitness and Wellness, Being an Accredited REHAB Trainer and a Master REHAB Trainer has given me the knowledge of incorporating the most efficient and effective methods in REHAB training to address pain and injury to clients suffering from it and to understand more skills and techniques on how to reduce the risk of complications due to injuries. Get in touch via

Alex Chew Ling Hoe

Malaysia | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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Senior Group Exercise Manager and Senior Trainer (True Fitness Malaysia)
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Throughout 13 years in the fitness industry I have trained numerous clients, including Special Populations and Performance Sport Athletes, it saddened me that a lot of my clients couldn't perform at their peak due to Muscular Imbalance and Postural Deviations. Rehab Essentials and Rehab Masterclass really helped me and my clients to perform better in exercise or sports. 

Anthony Goldsmith

Australia | Melbourne CBD, Vic / Australia
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Personal Trainer / Presenter / Writer /Director
Performants Personal Training. Melbourne CBD, Vic / Australia

As an Industry Leader with more than 20 year's experience, I know how to get the most out of my client's - my skills and experience do the rest. Being a Master Rehab Trainer has shown me the skills to help you reach your goals and inspire you to love health and fitness as much as I do.

Arbed Tangonan

Arbed a highly motivated and confident individual with organized skills to help guide clients and patients through their recovery and rehab training. Dealing effectively with pain and injury is one of my highest goals but we also need to understand that nothing is more important than preventing the injury through accurate training. I want to inspire people, I’m prepared and eligible for making a significant contribution in the Philippines as a Rehab Master Trainer and Physiotherapist.
Personal Trainer at 5 Star Fitness, Leeds, UK

I am a very passionate trainer and take pride in providing the best service i can for my clients. My goal is to be committed to making sure you enjoy your training and get the most benefits whilst rectifying any injuries you may have.

Brian Curren

Australia | Healesville Fitness Centre, 1 Crisp St Healesville 3777
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Personal Trainer, Healesville Fitness Centre

For 22 years I taught Martial Arts and fought at National and International Level. During this time, I was intensely scrutinising how people move and their dysfunctional movement.

For the last 15 years, I have been coaching Triathletes and Endurance Runners, where I deal with and study Muscle dysfunction and Injuries. 

Christopher Martin Bond

Internationally Certified Fitness Coach
Owner of Bond's Optimal Fitness
Manila, Philippines

As a professional, I listen to clients/members musculosketal problems or what their fitness goals are, and I make sure that they reach their optimum function and performance once their specific problem is eliminated. I see to it that they are satisfied with the results.

Daniel Steven

United Kingdom | Liverpool Street, City of London, UK
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Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, REHAB Specialist
Liverpool Street, City of London, UK

Having multiple injuries myself I understand how difficult it can be to achieve, and maintain, than healthy and fit body most active people strive for. I have over 5 years of experience putting into practise the knowledge gained through the amazing R.E.H.A.B Trainer courses. It's enabled me to keep my fit clients injury free and get my recovering, post op, clients up to speed much quicker than ever before.

Drazen Anthony Casuga

Elite Personal Trainer, Fitness and Operations Manager Gold's Gym Philippines

Being a Master Rehab Trainer gave me tremendous knowledge and skills to deal with clients suffering from pain and injury. An important factor to me is understanding how to reduce the risk of further complications.

Email Drazen Anthony Casuga here:

Filbert Jarred Tan

Personal Fitness Trainer | Wellness Coach | TRX Instructor, Manila, Philippines

Having been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade, I believe and understand the importance of holistic wellness, injury prevention, and functional movement training for suited for different lifestyles.

Specialising in the fields of functional core training and suspension training, Master Rehab Trainer has given me an in-depth knowledge to incorporating practical, efficient and effective methods of rehab training to address pain, injury, and other biomechanical concerns.

Flavio da Silva Ferreira

Portugal | Holmes Place, Avenida da Liberdade N.º 38 1250-145 Lisboa, Portugal
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Personal Trainer/ Professional trainer, Lisbon, Portugal

I am a driven person whose worry is not about only how people look, but mostly how people feel. I never rest until I find solutions to my clients' problems, because Personal Training is a journey you take with them towards a better self, not just a fit self. My main objective is always to remake a person, not just to change her appearance. You'll see your new confident personality, you'll see how well you feel, move, sleep and how much more you can enjoy life! Always my slogan! "No pain. Still gain!"

Florin Monoranu

Kuwait | Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Senior Fitness Instructor
Kuwait City, Kuwait

There's nothing more important then being ready to really help your customers, and most of the people will notice if you make a difference in they live or not.  They might notice from the first one-on-one session of from the 20th .... important for me and for any other trainer is to make a difference, and this is what Rehab Master Training is all about, taking your clients to the higher limits they ever reached, preparing a safe pathway toward the best they can ever be.   

Geenette Zaila r. Gayatao

Senior Physical Therapist  
Center for Weight Intervention and Nutrition Services
St. Luke's Medical Center-Global City, Taguig, Manila, Philippines

Being an experienced physiotherapist, an Accredited Rehab Trainer and now a Master Rehab Trainer, I am a proud advocate of movement and proper exercise. Learning is my lifestyle and I strongly believe that prevention is always better than cure. Knowing the risk factors and the reasons for injuries, I promote safe and effective exercise. 

Gina Chan Hui Jia

Freelance Personal Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor,

Being a personal trainer and pilates instructor in the fitness industry since 2013, I realised that change is constant, it's never a routine work. There's always challenges for me to face, problems for me to solve, and a never ending learning process. Mater rehab helped me to understand more and help my clients to reach their goals in the most effective and pain free way.

Hannes Holly

Australia | Perth, Western Australia
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Owner/Head of coaching at Active 4 Life Functional Fitness, Perth, Western Australia

Since starting in the Health & Fitness Industry, I have been focused on implementing Functional Fitness in all my training programs. Understanding movement patterns and having the skill set to apply corrections to achieve a better outcome is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, I've got the experience and training to provide you with the best possible service.

Hep (Alvin) Rebellon

United Arab Emirates | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Freelance Personal Trainer | Focusing on Performance Enhancement in fitness, sports and ADLs.

Education is just as important as participation and I apply this belief into my training methods. To achieve a goal, you must first be able to understand it. Combining my physiotherapy degree and skills as an experienced trainer, provides me excellent ability and insight when designing effective training for fitness, sports, physique change and pre or post-rehab conditioning in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Janis Tan

US Yoga Alliance ERT-200, Swing Yoga, Yoga for Strokees (National Stroke Association, Penang), Swing Fitness, Soul Vinyasa, Soulfit, Soulbeatz, Soul Rehab, Les Mills' internationally certified Bodybalance and Bodyvive instructor, ACE PT
Penang, Malaysia

As I share the powerful benefits of the ancient tradition of yoga, I know how important it is to expose myself to the latest research findings and resulting protocols. Our lifestyles today present different challenges and related movement deficiencies. Rehab Trainer gave me more insight into the assessment, adjustments and tools to help my students in Pre-Hab, Rehab and Post Rehab, working in tandem with their primary care providers like doctors and physiotherapists.

Jee Soo Shian

Fitness Manager/Personal Trainer/Group Instructor at Orient Fitness Gold and Founder for Warrior BootCamp
Penang, Malaysia

As an ACE personal trainer since 2003 I found out that most of my clients have some form of postural problem and muscle imbalance which most of them aren't even aware of. With the knowledge I learnt from Rehab Masterclass to become a Master Rehab Trainer I now ensure my clients achieve painfree movement to reach their fitness goals.

Jocelyn F. De Gorostiza

Kuwait | Philippines/Kuwait
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Senior Fitness Trainer
Fit'n'Shape Kuwait

I have endured a lot of injuries in my life, being a competitive athlete, I have always been pushing myself to the limit. Now as a Rehab Master Trainer, I have now a way for me to be able to help others like me and give them a chance to be better than they imagined they could be. Experience in life is a great teacher and application of what we learn makes our experiences much more enjoyable.

Joel Y. Buenaventura

Philippines | Pasig/Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
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ACE-CPT, Fitness Director: VIBE Wellness Curators Inc., Chairman: Fitness & Gym Committee Valle Verde Country Club Inc.
Pasig/Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Coach Joel is a pioneer Personal Trainer in the Philippines, he has been in the fitness industry since 1990.  His experience covers training elite athletes of various disciplines as well as regular fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

His methodology is a combination of metabolic conditioning using functional movement patterns and a multiple of martial arts training techniques aimed for self defense as well as to enhance ones fitness level.

Contact :
Mobile (+63)9178911008
email :

John Ryan Cabaltica Pamintuan

Fitness Coach
Manila, Philippines

My passion is to help people achieve the best they desire in fitness. As my knowledge and skill come together as Master Rehab Trainer, my ability to fix and prevent injury, postural problems and muscle imbalances creates a complete approach in improving their performance and potential on sports or activities done in everyday life. 


Josh Beaver

Owner and Head Personal Trainer at Eat Train Sleep Geraldton in Western Australia

I believe the role of a personal trainer should be to have the best knowledge on ALL areas of health and fitness. As a Master Rehab Trainer, I have a great understanding of functional movement patterns, movement deficiencies, bio-mechanics and injury management strategies. This means I can more safely and effectively manage my clients injuries.

Kamal Sinha, ACE CPT, CPR-AHA, TRX, Kettlebell, Lesmills Body pump, RPM, Body Combat & Born to Move International Certified Trainer

Kamal has an endless passion for the fitness industry and believes investing in and looking after your body is key to living a long, healthy and happy life. He has been involved in the fitness industry for 12 years and his greatest passions are promoting exercise that gets the body moving exactly how it should through 'Functional fitness' and weight loss through a proper diet.

Kamal is Head Trainer at Gold's Gym Ganeshguri (Assam), and has been a part of the team there for over five years. He also offers his services for Personal Training and Group Fitness instruction, working with clients for a range of sports performance goals.

Katalin Kaczvinszki

United Kingdom | 18-22 Finchley Road St John's Wood London NW8 6EB United Kingdom
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Personal Trainer/ R.E.H.A.B. Master Trainer, 
X-TRIM Fitness  - Private Personal Training Studio, London

I have had positive feedback from my clients who say they value and trust my knowledge and skills,preferring to train with me than on their own because they feel safer. I get better and faster results with loosening up and activation of the right muscles and teach my clients to be aware of and distinguish between pain and soreness, be more conscious about their posture at work and home, as well as what to consider if they train on their own. 

Katrina Shaw

Australia | Port Macquarie NSW, Australia
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Owner/Personal Trainer/Master Rehab Trainer Bam Bam Fitness, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

As a Personal Trainer with a martial arts background I am no stranger to niggling pain and injuries that can interrupt your training program. As a Master Rehab Trainer I have the skills to prevent and reduce clients low-risk injuries. I ensure clients can continue training safely while assisting with the management of their injuries through understanding functional movement, movement deficit assessments, hands on loosening techniques and activation drills.

Kristel Justine S. Bautista

Philippines | Fitness Instructor Manila, Philippines
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Fitness Instructor
Manila, Philippines

As a Personal Trainer there will inevitably come a time when a client's have previous injuries need to be addressed within their training regime. Now, as a Master Rehab I have the skill to assess their injury-related biomechanical imbalances and adhere to the most appropriate training protocols which provide better results for clients. 

Leo Rafael L. Quesada

Philippines | Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Club Manager and Fitness Director, Anytime Fitness Santana Grove
Head Coach, QFitness PT
Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Leo masterfully blends functional training and rehab training to help anybody get to a healthier place. His passion, dedication, and charisma is a surefire way to get you where you want to be-- living pain-free, with restored confidence, happy, and healthy! He firmly believes fitness isn't just about adding more years into your life, but about adding more life into your years.

M Naveen Reddy

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) 
Hyderabad, India

My experience of playing sports all my childhood as a professional added to my education allows me to know personally about injuries, rehab and what an individual undergoes through his recovery phase in physical and mental terms. Along with this I am equipped with strong experience working with international and national athletes who present various injuries and I have been part of their rehab pathway also. Apart from all this I have the urge to learn every day and share my work with all the people to enhance the safeness of training in all fields. 

Mark Chatterton

United Kingdom | London and Cardiff / United Kingdom
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Freelance Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor, London and Cardiff / United Kingdom

My passion for Learning how the human body moves and works, thus helping me to identify potential faulty movements patterns. Putting this knowledge into exercise and fitness to help others with or without injury or muscle dysfunctions achieve healthy goals and pain free movement.

Mary Dalton

Australia | Australia, Dunsborough, W.A. Australia, 6281
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Fitness Specialist and Pilates Instructor, Pilates with Mary Dunsborough W.A. Australia.

With over 30 years’ experience I  have a good understanding of functional movement patterns and muscular skeletal rehabilitation.  I  incorporate  myofascial release, imagery and use hands on guidance and touch to help clients connect areas of the body that perhaps have become kinaesthetically unresponsive or simply stuck in their way.  These techniques combined with qualify programming and instruction assist with release and re-pattering of movement, helping clients find better alignment and ease of movement.    To get in touch, Phone :  0404 637232

Matt Lamb

Australia | 14 Gore Street, SOUTH HOBART, Tasmania 7004
Facebook page or website link

Owner / Director - Optimal Health in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I am able to deliver an effective exercise rehabilitation program catered to individual needs. I am committed to developing a best practice approach and educating about the benefits of physical activity and the significant contribution it makes to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Get in touch with me on 0427627887.

Nick Jack

Australia | 10/18-20 Redland Drive Mitcham 3132 Melbourne Australia
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Owner of No Regrets Personal Training, Melbourne Australia 

I believe there are no limits and that nothing is impossible! In my 10 years of specializing in Rehabilitation I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of cases involving severe injury and pain, that have had remarkably successful outcomes using principles of movement and corrective exercise.

Nisha Varma

India | New Delhi and Pune India
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Reebok Master Trainer
New Delhi and Pune India

I would not call myself an amazing Master Rehab Trainer, but I do have an amazing job. I find immense satisfaction and motivation in using my Master Rehab Trainer skills and knowledge to help people move into pain-free living. I am honoured that people trust me in this and regularly blown away by their results!

Noli T. Cabugawan, Jr. (Jan)

Philippines | Marikina City, Philippines
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Head Coach/Owner of Kingfit Fitness Center
Marikina City, Philippines

Prior to being a Master Rehab Trainer, Coach Cabugawan has successfully finished trainings as a certified Myofascial Release and Corrective Care Practitioner using M2t Blade; moreover, he is a Vigor Kinetic Tape Practitioner. In Addition, he also completed a course in Dual Zone Myofascial Release and Swiss Ball Metabolic Training from Functional Training Institute– Singapore. At present, he continuously applies his expertise in the science of fitness training and exercise as the Head Coach of his own gym, Kingfit Fitness Center.

Oscar. C

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Master Rehab Trainer/Personal Trainer

Power Lifting Coach, Olympic Lifting Coach, NASM international Trainer with 8 years fitness coaching experience, I have been focused on implementing functional movement in my training program. Specialize with movement anatomy, sporting massage, stretching.

t: +852 6080 0442

Praful Raval

India | Ahmedabad / Gujarat
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S & C Coach
Master Rehab Trainer

Reebok Certified Trainer
Level 'o' certified fitness trainer from National Cricket Academy
Ahmedabad / Gujarat - India

Throughout my career, I trained state, national and international players from different sports. I trained for the "MARATHON" and  also ranjit trophy cricketers. R.E.H.A.B gives me that extra edge in my knowledge, how to get the most out of my clients even when they are injured.

Preeti Chima

Proprietor - Body by Preeti
New Delhi, India

Fitness for me is about more than just looking good - your body has to feel good from the inside out. I love helping my clients achieve pain free range of motion across their joints. By understanding their physical and emotional limitations I help them achieve what they were unable to till they met me - all thanks to my Rehab Master Trainer skills coupled with my background in psychology.


Owner, Fit with Pri
ACE (CPT) / Pilates Teacher / TRX Trainer / Barefoot Specialist / Rehab Master Trainer

I believe that the foundation of fitness starts with good functional movement. A good functional movement is possible if one is able to identify Functional Movement Deficiency and correct postural issues through corrective exercises and eliminate any niggling pains. Starting from the inside and then moving outside is my mantra. 

As a Master Rehab Trainer, I am able to work with a larger client base more confidently, safely and effectively in all areas of fitness training.

CONTACT: +919873259323

Robert Carruthers

Personal trainer, and Studio Manager at Balance & Control Pilate Studio, Melbourne, Australia  

My ability to identify movement dysfunctions, and build the necessary movements into a still challenging training session sets me apart from my peers. I love being able to educate the client, and empower their ability to continue training. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at

Robyn Jane

Australia | 228 Wynnum Rd, Norman Park Brisbane Australia
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Fitness Specialist, 228 Wynnum Rd, Norman Park Brisbane Australia 

I am a dedicated Exercise, Fitness and Rehab Specialist with many years of experience and knowledge. My aim is to maximise your training time to see you reach your specific goals. Everyone is different and that’s why it’s all about you.  

Phone 0412 424 095

Sally Henley

Australia | Templestowe Lower, Mitcham, Burwood East, Vic, Australia
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Owner/Personal Trainer, Complete Physique, 
Burwood East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have a passion for helping people move better. As a Master rehab trainer I have a better understanding of how the body moves and am able to apply my knowledge to help athletes improve their performance and help the general population from young and old to have a better quality of life.

Phone: 0414 232 063

Sunil Mulay

Remedial Massage Therapist and Master Rehab Trainer, Ravel Therapies, Neutral Bay, Australia

Sunil is a unique remedial massage therapist, with depth of knowledge and expertise in the application of advanced bodywork techniques. His training as a Master Rehab Trainer gives him additional skills enabling him to put clients through the full spectrum of rehabilitation to full recovery.

Susan Lim Say Suan

Personal trainer, Rehab Specialist

Sport has been my passion since young, both recreationally and competitively. In striving to be at my best, I understand the importance of training effectively. As a Master Rehab Trainer, I am dedicated to work with people to build a pain-free, healthier and stronger body to live life to the fullest.


Tim Strezovski

Australia | Western Suburbs Adelaide S.A.
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Owner/Fitness Professional 
Western Suburbs Adelaide, South Australia 

As a full time fitness professional since 2001 with a background in Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Training my interest has continued over 35yrs. I have a diploma in Remedial and Therapeutic massage and use my knowledge and experience in hand with my skills as a Master Rehab Trainer to ensure all my clients train safely and effectively.

Phone: 0400727577 

Tracey Coghlan

Australia | Ormeau Link Drive, Yatala, Queensland, Australia
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Owner and Coach at Exact Fitness
TFW Ormeau Link Drive, Yatala, Queensland, Australia

I coach a wide variety of ages and fitness levels.  As a Master Rehab Trainer, I am able to assist my clients in dealing with any imbalances or injuries that they may have so they get the best benefit from their training.

Vani B Pahwa

India | Gurgaon, Haryana. INDIA
Facebook page or website link

Gurgaon, Haryana. INDIA

My client base includes the sports community and people of all age groups looking for fitness and rehab solutions. I have been successfully implementing rehab principles and safe and effective exercise programs to cater to diverse needs. The community respects and appreciates it and the exponential growth in referrals is a humble validation.
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