WOW. Simple strategies that make dramatic differences, even for me.

Old injuries start to make sense and a path out of them becomes clear. Pain free lifting for the first time in months, WONDERFUL!

A-M.B., Adelaide

Brilliant. Probably the most relevant fitness course I've ever done.

It has taken the guess work out of safely dealing with a client with injuries, how to progress them, and provides a proactive approach to avoiding muscle imbalances and injury development in the future.

Ambrose, Melbourne

I can honestly say I loved it. The knowledge I gained both in theory and practical work was great.

I am so glad I signed up to participate in this course - one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has it already helped in correcting my own body, but also proving to be great for all my clients too.

Anita, Adelaide

I recommend that every other fitness trainer does this course. It is so unique and the focus is always on helping you improve your knowledge so you can help your clients achieve their goals

Ulrik is awesome presenter! Full of charisma and positive approaches. Thank you. :)

Arwan, Malaysia

The most practically logical course I've done in my career so far

B.S, Adelaide

Rehab Trainer really separates you from the pack. I really, really recommend every Trainer to do this course. It is incredible.

Beau, Sydney

Whoever knew what amazing things rubber tubing could do for a workout? I

t's really incredible the knowledge I got from Rehab Trainer.

Bhavim, Thailand

This course has been life-changing. Ulrik's passion for Rehab is infectious

Bobby, Brisbane

Excellent! I love the REHAB protocol, and my clients are already noticing how pumped I am to help them. Can't wait for Masterclass.

Boris, Sydney

Rehab-land is treating me well at the moment. I dont know if you remember when I asked you about the lady I have with the back problem.

Anyway she is now able to exercise without pain, or any niggle for that matter... Which is really good!

Cameron, Melbourne


The Rehab Trainer course has been so valuable to me – For my work at the medical centre, I now have the questions that will enable me to assess the risk for my clients on a weekly basis … every time they come in for an exercise class I need to adjust what I have planned according to how they are feeling with pain, mobility, tightness. I think I’ll be able to start to put together alternative exercises better as I incorporate more of the Rehab Trainer model. The REHAB model is just great.

I am very grateful for your teaching, and also for the encouragement you gave me. Rehab Trainer (along with the way you present it, the learning environment and the resources) is absolutely the best course I have ever done, including almost 30 years in my former profession, attending courses and presenting inservice workshops myself.

Carol, Brisbane

As a Pilates instructor, most of my clients present with some form of postural issue. This course has given me skills to better think through the pathology and corrective techniques to apply to these low-risk clients.

I would recommend this course to every Pilates instructor and clinician on the planet.

Cheryl, Sydney

I'm an Exercise Physiologist, and we don't get much muskuloskeletal rehab training, so this course was very useful, very practical,and it was wonderful how we were so involved / hands on. Thank you.

Chris, Brisbane

Hey Ulrik, mate thanks for the incredible Masterclass course this weekend, I enjoyed it alot.

I look forward to any other courses you have on offer. Again, thank you

Chris, Sydney

Ten out of Ten. I now have the skills to help my clients correct their movements and get rid of pain altogether

Ten out of Ten. I now have the skills to help my clients correct their movements and get rid of pain altogether. I learnt about the basic functional exercises like squats, dead lifts, pushups and lat pulldowns in a way that means I can now break them down and identify why my clients experience pain or limitation. This is making a big difference to my gym time.

Christine, Sydney

Superb course, thanks. It was useful for both my osteopathy studies, as well as being incredibly useful in the gym... it helps bridge the gap between the two!

Congratulations once again on a first rate course - just what the UK needs!

Dan Baines, London

Other PT's who have attended Rehab Trainer previously told me I should come. I wasn't disappointed.

I feel as if someone has come to me and organised and filled in all the pieces and bits of information I had. I am really grateful for that, because my clients will benefit so much. Thank you.

I may have thought I knew what I was doing before... but in most cases, in fact I had no idea! Rehab Trainer definitely opened my eyes to the functional side of exercise in regards to biomechanics. Ten out of Ten.

Daniel, Sydney

I believe Rehab Trainer does an excellent job of teaching Personal Trainers the necessary knowledge and practical skills to meet the growing challenge of how to train clients with pain and injury safely and effectively.

The content of Rehab Trainer does in no way undermine the education we provide for our Fitness Professionals, it only provides them with a unique toolbox of training skills that enhances their work with clients. I highly recommended this course to Personal Trainers everywhere.

Donal Carr, C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 4, Head of Personal Trainer Training & Development, Fitness First Australia

From a Doctor's perspective, it was brilliant, because I learned to understand the pathomechanics as well as how to work with Personal Trainers

Dr Hamid, (Sports Medicine Doctor), Malaysia

Opens up a whole new range of clients. I am a higher level Personal Trainer now, that's for sure.

Glen, Brisbane

Best course I have ever done, by a long margin.

Glenn, Brisbane

Best Rehab course for Personal Trainers I’ve done (and I have done A LOT)!

Graduate, Sydney

Extremely practical for Personal Trainers on the gym floor.

Graduate, Melbourne

This course sits perfectly in the gap between the 'Personal Trainers world and the Physio world'. It creates a new species of Fitness Professional!

Graduate, Melbourne

I appreciated Ulrik’s humility and openness to other’s ideas / viewpoints, whilst at the same time bringing a wealth of new knowledge to the table.

Graduate, Brisbane

I'm a Physio and this course was worth every cent. So practical for both physios and personal trainers. You must keep spreading this information.

Grani, Iceland

Enjoyed the course on the weekend, thanks. I walked into the gym on Monday and two of my regulars presented with shoulder injuries from the weekend.

Implemented some of the tubing techniques shown and after a little play we found a direction and movement that improved the movement significantly, to the point of no pain in assisted movement and significant pain with out tubing. In all my studies so far on the shoulder joint including post grad work these simple techniques have offered some of the best and cheapest alternative training ideas so far. Nice one!!

Grant S, Fitness Director, Sydney

Let me just say thanks for putting on the Rehab Essentials course in Brisbane last weekend. Genuinely blown away by the quality and content of the course and have been able to implement a lot of the loosening and activation techniques with a number of clients already this week. Thanks very much!

Grant, Brisbane Australia

The course was as excellent as I expected it to be! Super good! Brilliant stuff! I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested to improve their training and teaching qualities.

I started already using some of the drills/techniques I learnt in the course and therefore totally enjoy improving the training of my clients.

Gwen, London

Definitely among the best courses I have ever done.

I feel a lot more confident meeting my clients and have a lot more understanding of how and why things are the way they are. Thank you.

Henrik, Iceland

Before, I used to refer every single injury to Physiotherapy. Now I know how to help deal with some of the pains and help without interrupting our workout sessions.

. I am getting a good reputation! Thanks to Rehab Trainer!

Herwan, Singapore

Thank you sooo much for the course. As you could see I have experienced a lot with 27 years of Industry and personal fitness (and injury) experiences, and your content was second-to-none.

. Other than the content the other thing I thought you managed so well was your pace - You lectured at a pace that was absorbable (if there is such a word) - I felt I heard it all and didn't finish each day feeling exhausted and too much information. So thank you thank you thank you.

Jai, PT Manager, Sydney

Rehab Trainer has been a fantastic experience for me as a Personal Trainer Educator, Manager and Personal Trainer to a select group of high-end clients. I have learnt some very effective and new tools which will change (and already has...) how I train my clients and myself.

For example, most PT's are a bit worried to train someone's shoulder if they exhibit shoulder pain, and not many PT's want to go anywhere near someone with an acute lumbar spine injury! With the Rehab Trainer paradigm you have a set system to follow so it makes training with injured people much safer and less daunting.

This course is a must for any PT who is serious about providing the best and safest training possible.

James Hunt, State Personal Trainer Educator, Fitness First (NSW)

Great material that all Personal Trainers should know – it will have an immediate impact on my skills and client-service!

Jim Stolikas, Katalys Holistic Lifestyle Training

Oh how I wish I had done this course when I started PT six years ago.

Wayne was a patient, thorough, encouraging and exceptionally professional presenter, and I feel like I have new eyes.

Joye, Melbourne

I felt it was very useful. I feel like a new and very better trainer than before. I can really take care of my clients now. I give this course more than ten out of ten. :)"

Krishan, Thailand

The course material is very accessible and well structured. Ulrik did an excellent job of keeping the course organised and informative, but at the same time with a casual, relaxed, fun atmosphere. I loved it

Kristian, Iceland

I walked out of the course knowing I have an edge over other trainers now. I feel slightly giddy with the options.

Lance, Sydney

Many of my former staff (Personal Trainers) who are lucky to live in Ulrik’s home town (Brisvegas) and have done the Rehab Trainer course have found the whole concept and professionalism of Ulrik mind-blowing.

I have done some work for Ulrik and I believe anyone doing his course will find that they get more bang for the buck than expected and this course will raise them head and shoulders above their peers. This course is really only for "career Trainers" and what I would describe as "professional Personal Trainers" it is really the BRIDGE between the old fashioned fitness leader battling to cope with injuries on the gym floor and the sports physio. I am not on commission (!) but I recommend this course all the time to anyone who will listen.

Liesl Meerkin, NSW

I really enjoyed being more in depth with the anatomy and biomechanics of the body. It gave me a new dimension to how I view a clients injury and how and when to help them. I feel more empowered to make a difference with a clients recovery and when I should refer them on.

The fact that Ulrik is a physio, with decades of experience, made me feel more confident that he knew what he was talking about and he was also happy to listen to the ideas of the group as well. For a change I wasn’t made to feel like I was too old to be there as I have with a lot of other Training courses. Thankyou for the course, I personally have already helped reduce my shoulder pain by using the techniques taught.

Linda Burnell, Adelaide

I guess I just have one question. Why isn't this information REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE for all new Personal Trainers?

Liz, Canberra

My business had grown by 50%!
Some pretty good feed back, hey? ;)"

Lu, Sydney

What a great course, with a real hands-on approach. I have learned how to think outside the box, to understand that where the pain is might not be what is actually causing the pain.

I know I will be a much better Personal Trainer now. Oh, and Ulrik's presentation and teaching styles are fantastic.

Michaela, Brisbane

I am a Physio and I know biomechanics, but never before have I done a course as effective and excellent as Rehab Trainer

Learning about pathomechanics and activation drills was amazing learning experience. Physios should learn this material. And Ulrik is very good teacher. Thanks.

Mustafa, India Sports and Rehab Specialist

I learned a lot about how to bridge the relationship between PT and Physio to create a better outcome and quality of life for our clients. I think this is the future."

Nano, Indonesia

Great course, great fellow trainers, great people, great presenter, great stuff!

I am a better PT today because of this course!!!!

Narelle, Canberra

I wanted to congratulate you again on running an exceptional course, it was definitely worth the travel and expense for me to complete and I am already using a lot of my new skills and knowledge with my clients.

Nick, Melbourne

Thank you so much for this course. I now use the drills all the time - it feels like if I don't do them, I'm driving without a seatbelt!

Nick Pateras

Thanks Adam... your respect for Personal Trainers was comforting and made me really want to listen to you.

My ability to really care for my clients has increased since doing your excellent course. I think every PT who has a brain should do Rehab Trainer.

Nicole, Perth

I really enjoyed the SLOW MOTION VIDEO movement assessments and the sections on anatomy - these alone took my understanding of joint mechanics and dysfunction to the next level.

I really enjoyed the loosening and activation techniques and learning some of the hands on techniques really gives you the edge as a trainer. I highly recommend Rehab Trainer if you’re looking to take the Rehab journey, it will give you a better understanding and tools to help you help your clients.

Paul Eliseo, CHEK HLC Level 2, CHEK Exercise Coach, Cranio-sacral Therapist and PT, Adelaide Fitness First